Markus Kuhn Józsa is an independent, S/4 HANA-certified SAP® consultant & project manager with a focus on logistics.

With 20 years of proven SAP® implementation & best practice experience, his goals aim to bring short- and long-term success from a strategic perspective. Thanks to his dynamic personality and enthusiasm to constantly learn in an ever-changing world, he always manages to implement the best solutions for his clients.

With certifications as a SAP® Solution Consultant, S/4 HANA Application Associate 1610 and SAP® Activate Project Manager, Markus is not only an expert in the SAP® logistics area with a focus on the PM/EAM, CS, MM and PS modules. He is also able to solve all kind of problems across boundaries in a structured way, using both agile as well as waterfall methodologies.

Markus gained more than 15 years of international project experience working in small business transformation as well as huge operational excellence programs all over Europe, Canada and India. He has worked on-site and virtually in various roles across different industries, including steel, oil and gas.

As a team leader, he has learned the value of taking control of situations and how to elicit cooperation for successful outcomes. Combining detailed technical knowledge of SAP® applications and interface design with soft and persuasive change management skills, he is capable of re-engineering business processes and an expert in transformation management.

Simply said, Markus is #usingSAPsmarter.

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